Finally, it happened!

My dear, dear foodie friends,

It’s been over a year since I first started exploring the idea of starting a food blog. Thanks to all the prodding by you guys on seeing the pictures that I uploaded on FB! It took me a long time — I’d say I was being plain lazy — to actually start this blog. But I’m glad it has finally seen the light of the day.

As you all know, I love cooking. And as I know, you love good food. So today, through this virtual kitchen of mine, let’s start a relationship that will extend beyond food — As food isn’t just about serving and eating delicacies; it is about living life king size!

I am here to share my innovations with you, as also to discuss the recipes of some of the tried and tested dishes that I prepare. And trust me, you will savour not just going through my posts, but also trying out the recipes, relishing them and feeding them to your loved ones.

Before concluding, something very honest: I am not a Master Chef. Not even a trained one at that. I am just a woman in a myriad of roles who loves to cook for her family. And that is the secret spice in all my recipes – LOVE! Add lots of it to whatever you cook, like I do, and you’ll be surprised at the culinary delights you can whip up! 🙂

Eat, drink and be merry!

Love always,



PS: I’m here also to answer your queries, offer kitchen tips and provide recipes for dishes of your choice. So ask me whatever you want to, I promise I’ll be ready with an answer!


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